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Writing copy is an extremely important component of the creative process. Not only does it need to connect emotionally to your audience, but it needs to be smart, friendly, and most importantly - compliant. When you partner with us, your copy will be written by an award-winning creative director who has been in the healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid industries for over 10 years.

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Graphic Design

Creating a solid brand can quickly become a company’s greatest asset. The graphic designer you’ll work with has been employed as a creative director at advertising agencies and internally with healthcare clients for the past ten years. Their work has resulted in multiples healthcare-related advertising awards and honors. Through strategically designed communications across a variety of print and electronic media, we’ll help bring your brand to life and make your materials stand out among the crowd.

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Too often clients will have to settle for stock photography or avoid unique advertising campaign ideas because they can’t afford to spend the additional money for a photographer, their equipment, and their team. You won’t have that problem here because the creative director you’ll be working with is an experienced photographer who already owns all the equipment necessary for a great shoot. So, if you have a great idea of how to use your patients, members, or clients in a campaign, he’ll shoot it himself at the same standard hourly rate - no extra fees or agency markups.

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TV & Video

Whether it’s an online infographic video you’re looking for, an animated way of explaining how your product works, or a TV spot to enhance your brand, our creative consultant can help. You’ll be working directly with a creative director who can turn your video around in half the time of large firms and at half the price. Your creative consultant will write the script, shoot any necessary footage, and do all of the post-production himself. Our process makes it possible for small and mid-sized companies to delve further into the world of television spots and online videos so they can compete on the same level as their large competitors, but at a fraction of the price.

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These days, your web presence is just as important as the rest of your marketing material. Your website needs to blend seamlessly with your collateral material and other marketing efforts to become an extension of those tools. You’ll work directly with consultants who specialize in writing SEO-driven content along with a web designer and programmer who can make your vision come to life. The best part is that your website will include a Content Management System so that you can make your own updates and changes without spending additional time and money.

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