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Writing copy is an extremely important component of the creative process. Not only does it need to connect emotionally to your audience, but it needs to be smart, friendly, and most importantly - compliant. When you partner with us, your copy will be written by an award-winning creative director who has been in the healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid industries for over 10 years.

Creating professional, consumer-friendly, and compliant healthcare copy is obviously a high priority for Medicare plans, hospitals, and everyone else in the healthcare industry. We understand the impact that powerful and optimized content can have on your desired target audiences.

The creative consultant that you’ll work with has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating strategic concepts for the healthcare industry that are effective across all media platforms, such as:

  • Advertisements and marketing campaigns
  • Advertorials
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • Newspaper
  • Scripts for radio, video and TV
  • Content for the web and social media
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Optimized service line specific content
  • Educational materials
  • Healthcare marketing materials
    (white papers, press releases, newsletters)

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