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Too often clients will have to settle for stock photography or avoid unique advertising campaign ideas because they can’t afford to spend the additional money for a photographer, their equipment, and their team. You won’t have that problem here because the creative director you’ll be working with is an experienced photographer who already owns all the equipment necessary for a great shoot. So, if you have a great idea of how to use your patients, members, or clients in a campaign, he’ll shoot it himself at the same standard hourly rate - no extra fees or agency markups.

The creative consultant that you’ll work with has shot campaign photographs and portraits for award-winning advertisements and marketing materials. Whether you need new, consistent headshots of physicians, a beautiful shot of your facility, or an incredibly unique photo to make people stop and stare at your ad, our consultants can get the job done quickly and professionally. Some photography services we offer are:

  • Photography for advertising campaigns
  • Photographs of Medicare Advantage plan members
  • Photographs of patients and clients
  • Photography of buildings, facilities, and medical offices
  • Headshots of physicians, specialists, and office staff

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